Tip Tuesday


“Spinning Shoes: They are my first choice of essential items for Spinning. They completely changed my ride forever. You have no choice, but to keep your foot flat with the stiff sole, which makes you work both sides of your legs simultaneously. I feel my weight is balanced properly over the pedals and I am able to use my full force of my lower body, while feeling secure in the saddle. They can be pricey and quite ugly, but they do last a long time. I have only bought 3 pairs in the 17 years I have been Spinning and that’s only because I love to buy shoes. I still wear my first pair, only having to replace the SPD clip in it. Some popular brand names are Shimano, Giro, and Pearl. We have SPD compatible clips on all of our bikes at Beverly Ride On.” – Jennifer Moody, Owner/Spinning Instructor at Beverly Ride On

Remember you can purchase them at Park Schwinn in Evergreen Park. Just mention our name to John and you will receive a 10% discount.

Christmas is just around the corner and you deserve a pair!