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  1. How do I sign up for additional classes. I would like to sign up for every Monday, Wednesday and Friday spin class for 5:45- 6:35 am. The website onlty let me sign up to November 11, 2019

  2. Please let me know how many credits I have left.

    TULA is showing 0 even though it showed 2 remaining prior to my class on THU 10/1/20?

    I also thought I had more than 2 remaining as of 10/1/20


  3. Hi Mike,
    You had one credit expire on 10/1. I gave you one week, until 10/15, to use this credit. We have been very lenient about extending packages in the past, but if we want to stay open we cannot extend anymore packages going forward. We will be sending out an email later with this information, but we just wanted to let you know. Also, if you ever have any more questions, please email us at for a more timely response.

  4. Hello
    I just purchased a $65 package, but my wallet is not reflecting the purchase and I am unable to register for a class. I would like to register for Gabby’s 6:30 om class on Tuesday evening. Can you please register me for the class?
    Thank you

  5. Madeline,

    I was not aware of the 10/1 expiration date or I would have gladly used up my credits prior.


  6. Hi Gabby
    Can you let me know if I am registered for tonight’s 6:30 pm class.
    Thank you.

  7. I signed up for Thursday night 6:30 class. It didn’t show registered, so I did it again. Still doesn’t show registered. Did I pay twice? Am I registered?

  8. Please check my TULA account balance.

    I purchased a 20 ride package and have used 2 credits, but TULA shows 17 remaining credits?


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