We’ve Moved! Come and See Us at The Evergreen Park Community High School Sports Complex

Beverly Ride On has moved into Studio E at the Evergreen Park Community High School Sports Complex, located at 2700 W. 91st Street, Evergreen Park, IL 60805. The Sports Complex used to be the Evergreen Racquet and & Fitness Center. Once you enter, head to the right until you reach the large windows at the volleyball courts. From here, turn left and go down the 3 steps. Walk all the way down the hall to Studio E. There are multiple signs within the Sports Complex to help navigate you to Studio E. We are very excited to finally be in our new space and get back to our Spin and TRX classes with you all. If you have any questions about the move, please reach out to us at beverlyrideon@gmail.com.

IMPORTANT changes ahead of new COVID-19 restrictions and curfew, starting Friday, 11/20

Hi Beverly Ride On Clients,
As many of you may know, the governor is moving Illinois back to phase/tier 3 starting tomorrow, Friday, November 20th. This imposes new restrictions and challenges for us at Beverly Ride On, but we are doing everything we can to keep our doors open for you all! This is a long email with a LOT of important information, so please read it all.

Class Capacity Changes
With the new restrictions in place, we are no longer able to offer any “group fitness classes.” Therefore, we will now be offering “Semi-Private” Spins, Spin + TRX, Spin, Strength, & Stretch, Spin Fusion, and TRX lessons. To comply with the new 25% of normal capacity restriction, ALL NEW SEMI-PRIVATE SPINS will have a new capacity of 4. Spin + TRX, Spin, Strength, & Stretch, Spin Fusion, and TRX Semi-Private Lessons will continue to remain at a capacity of 4. This means that we had to delete all SPIN CLASSES after today, Thursday, 11/19, to reflect the new capacity. Some of the SPIN CLASSES already had a full capacity of 6 people, since a lot of our clients like to register in advance, so we had to remove all the registrations to make it fair. If you are still interested in attending a Semi-Private Spin, please re-register now. The new schedule was just added about 30 minutes ago, so all the capacities have been changed. If there was a former SPIN class that had 4 or less people registered, we kept those registrations for the new Semi-Private lesson. Please log-in to your TULA account to review which classes you need to re-register for and which classes remain the same for you.

We will be closed on Friday, November 27th through Wednesday, December 2nd
We are going to have a special schedule on Thanksgiving day for classes. We are going to close the studio from Friday, November 27th to Wednesday, December 2nd. We are closing the studio for this time period as a precaution. Due to the holiday, there is a very high chance of COVID-19 rates increasing, and we feel that staying closed for a few days is the best decision for all of us. Tentatively, we will re-open on Thursday, December 3rd. Look out for an email and social media posts from us for more information.

EARLY MORNING Class Time Changes
Due to the curfew being set to 6:00 a.m., we can no longer hold our 5:30 a.m. or 5:45 a.m. classes. We will still offer Semi-Private Spin lessons every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday that will now start at 6:00 a.m. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we will have Semi-Private Spin + TRX lessons that will now start at 6:00 a.m. The Semi-Private Spin + TRX classes will not have a capacity change, so registrations were not removed. If the new start-time does not work for you, please de-register yourself. As for the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday SPIN classes, we had to delete all registrations, so please re-register yourselves. If you need any assistance with this or have any questions, please let us know.

What we will continue to do and what we need from you
We promise to continue keeping our studio as clean as possible, so we can stay open as long as possible during this time. We have 2 air-purifiers in the studio and use a bleach disinfectant after every Semi-Private Lesson. After every Semi-Private Lesson, we throughly sanitize all of our equipment. We are asking all of you to continue to do you part in keeping our studio safe. Please follow CDC guidelines and if you have any symptoms or have potentially been exposed, please do not come in to class. Email us as soon as possible if you cannot deregister and we will try to get someone us to take your spot. In this state, we believe that it is much better to play it safe than sorry and we hope you guys think this too.

We know that exercise is very important in remaining healthy, both physically and mentally, so we will do everything we can to keep our doors open. Please stay healthy and contact us at beverlyrideon@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or concerns. Only use this email please.
Stay healthy and be well,
Jenny Moody
Beverly Ride On

Package Extension Update

Dear Valued Beverly Ride On Customers, 

First of all, we would like to thank you all for your continued support through this difficult time. Many of you kept your monthly recurring packages going through this time and also supported us through personal training sessions and we couldn’t be more appreciative of your efforts to keep Beverly Ride On going. We have done our very best to keep our studio and classes safe for everyone when we finally returned to in-person classes in June and we want to thank all of you for doing your part in keeping yourselves, your fellow riders, and instructors safe. When we reopened in June, we decided to extend all packages to an October 1st expiration date to make up for the 3 months that we had to close the studio. While we understand that many of our customers did not feel comfortable with returning to classes in June and are only now coming back to classes, we are unable to extend packages any further. In the past, we were able to be more lenient with package extensions because we wanted to be flexible in serving our valued riders, but, unfortunately, we cannot make these exceptions anymore. After our renovation last year, we changed our package extension rules and clearly mentioned that we could not extend packages unless there was an extenuating circumstance, such as pregnancy or injury. We will still do our best to work riders who fall into these categories. Although we wish we could continue to extend packages from before the COVID-19 closure, it is not possible. Due to the revenue lost from being closed for 3 months and operating classes at very low capacities we can no longer extend packages if we want to stay open. We truly wish the situation was different, but we have to do what is necessary for Beverly Ride On to stay open.  It has come to our attention that some of our customers do not use their regular email or do not put an email at all in their TULA account, so they do not see these emails. We use email as our primary contact platform, so please make sure that you update your email in TULA to an email where you will see these messages. We will also update our website to reflect this new policy, so there is no confusion. Our mission at Beverly Ride On from the beginning is to offer fun and safe exercise classes for our wonderful community and we are working hard to stay open and continue to provide our classes to you all. Therefore, we have decided to offer smaller Spin class packages, with the same 6 month expiration, for anyone who is still unsure how they feel about returning to the studio or for anyone that knows it will be more difficult for them to attend 10 or 20 classes in 6 months. We will offer a 5 Spins package that will cost $90 and a 15 Spins package that will cost $165. Again, we truly do appreciate your continued support and understanding of the situation. We hope that someday soon we can return to our regular routine at the studio. 


Jenny Moody

Beverly Ride On Owner

We’re reopening Monday, June 29th!!!!

Dear Beverly Ride On Clients,

We are happy to announce that in accordance with the governor’s Phase 4 reopenings, Beverly Ride On will start classes again on Monday, June 29th. Everyone at Beverly Ride On has missed instructing classes for you all and we are so excited to start up again. Our main goal while reopening Beverly Ride On is to provide a safe environment for everyone. We promise to maintain a clean, sanitized studio, so everyone can feel comfortable and enjoy their class. With that said, we are kindly asking that all of our clients do their best to practice clean and safe habits as well. If you are experiencing any Covid-19 related symptoms at all, please stay home. It is better to be safe than sorry. Below we will outline all the important information to know about returning to Beverly Ride On classes. This is a very long and detailed email with extremely important information, so please make sure you read everything in detail. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, and concerns at beverlyrideon@gmail.com.  


All packages will be adjusted accordingly. If you have any questions or concerns regarding package extensions, please email beverlyrideon@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Registration on TULA Required

All clients must register for classes on TULA prior to class. We cannot accept any walk-ins that did not reserve a spot ahead of time. Class capacities will be changed. All Spin and Spin Sculpt classes will permit 6 clients. Spin Fusion, Spin + TRX, TRX, and Spin Strength & Stretch classes will permit 4 clients. These class capacities will allow us to stay in accordance with the 6 feet apart from front to back and side to side. Class capacities are much smaller than before, so we have tried to add more class options each day. If we see an increase in interest for more classes, we will do our best to add more to the schedule. We have updated TULA with our new schedule, so please register in advance. We are kindly asking our clients to only sign up for one Spin and one TRX class a day, so everyone that wants to attend a class has the opportunity. Due to class size restrictions, if you are unable to attend a class and do not deregister at least 2 hours before class starts, then you will be charged one credit. Thanks for understanding. 

Private Sessions

We will still be offering private sessions for clients that would prefer to work one-on-one or in a duet. The pricing for private sessions are: Single Private Session for $40 and Five Private Sessions for $175. Please contact us at beverlyrideon@gmail.com to schedule a private session. The private session packages will be available on TULA for purchase ahead of the session or your instructor could help with package purchase at the session. 

Before Class Procedures

Please do not enter the building until 5 minutes before class will start. At Beverly Ride On, we truly love the community we have built and that all our riders love to socialize with one another. Unfortunately, we have to ask that you not congregate in the hall before or after class for safety reasons. Please feel free to catch-up and conduct conversations outside the building. A mask will be required to enter the building. Please stay outside the studio in the hall until the instructor invites you inside the studio. The masked instructor will take your temperature in the doorway and then determine if your temperature is safe. Once you enter the studio, please go straight to a bike or TRX strap with your belongings. Once you are settled on your bike or at your straps, you may remove your mask. For any classes that use props and weights, these will be passed out by the instructor. 

During Class 

We cannot offer hands-on stretching during classes at this time. Instructors will perform a guided stretch for the end of any Spin Fusion or Spin Strength & Stretch class. 

After Class

At the end of class, please do not clean off your equipment and props. Our instructors have been given a sanitizing protocol to use on all equipment and props. Again, our Beverly Ride On community is the very best and we love the friendships that have been formed at our studio. For the safety of everyone, please exit the studio as quickly as possible. We encourage everyone to catch-up outside of the building. 

Social Media

We post a lot of updates and information on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Please follow us on Instagram: beverlyrideon and on Facebook: Beverly Ride On. 

See You Soon!

We are so excited to begin offering classes again and to see everyone back at the studio. Although this new beginning is very exciting, it can also be daunting. We encourage all of our clients to make the best decision on whether to attend classes or schedule private lessons. Please contact us with any questions, comments, and concerns at beverlyrideon@gmail.com. Also, we have heard that some clients are not seeing their emails from us. Please share with fellow riders that we are reopening and that they should check their spam folders for the emails. See you all soon!! 

Be well,

Jenny Moody and the BRO Team

Free Community Class

Instructions on how to register on TULA can be found on this website, under the “Create you TULA Account” tab. Email us at beverlyrideon@gmail.com with any questions!! We look forward to meeting many new riders!!