Success Stories

“My reason for starting to spin was a knee injury. I was a runner and injured my knee because of running. My doctor suggested riding a bike to rehab my knee and keep my cardio strength. So, I tried spinning. It cured my knee pain and gave me more strength in my knee and my heart. When I did get back on the road I was amazed at how much faster I ran and how much larger my aerobic range was. If you are an outdoor exerciser, consider spinning during our long winters in Chicago. It will put you in better shape for the warm weather. You’ll end up the leader of the pack!!” -Melissa Burke


“In June 2012, I began taking Spinning classes at Beverly Ride On as part of an exercise and fitness program aimed at losing weight.  Before taking any class, I knew very little about Spinning except for the negative things I had heard-that it’s too hard, that you’re stuck inside, that it’s boring, etc.

What I have found is that yes, it’s hard and yes, it does happen inside. But I’ve also found that it is anything but boring, and  the other riders with me are some of the most dedicated athletes that I’ve ever seen. And Spinning has also helped me to lose over 80 pounds.

The instructors at Beverly Ride On are encouraging and are continuously stressing safety and good form, which are key to developing good habits and becoming a strong rider.  They have helped me improve as a rider and to build strength and endurance.  I have found that each instructor has different strengths and because of this, many of the classes are more interesting and fun. They’re also very good people who take an interest in your well-being when you’re there.

Spinning at Beverly Ride On has been a very rewarding experience for me. Taking that first class was a really good decision I made and I haven’t looked back since.” -Bob Davis



“Following the birth of my second son, I decided to make some changes in life.  After one year of dedicated dieting and exercise, I managed to lose over 100 pounds and have kept it off for the past seven years. My love of Pilates lead me to Core Fitness and two years ago I started up their Plus Size Pilates program.  In addition to my certification in mat and apparatus achieved through Core in Training and my continuing education in sports nutrition and body composition, I recently completed my certification as a Spinning instructor.  I look forward to the exciting challenges presented by this opportunity and hope to help others benefit from cardiovascular health and fitness.” -Christine Funk



“Before Beverly Ride On, exercise was something I just did half-heartedly-just enough to keep the weight off and fit into my clothes. After losing my son and mother in quick succession, staying fit was no longer important. Putting one foot in front of the other was my loftiest goal. Over the next several years I ate like crap, never exercised- and I certainly wasn’t fitting into my clothes. I knew i needed to start doing something for my body and soul. I tried several different modalities, but quickly came back to spinning and BRO. It was here my passion for spinning was reborn. Through the expertise and encouragement of the BRO instructors I built a strong foundation, which led to a series of small victories. Endorphins started flowing, and blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels dramatically improved. I have more lean muscle than I did when I was 20 and my core is super strong. The numbers on the scale may be the same, but I have since dropped 2 sizes. I started as a BRO client and with encouragement I trained to be an instructor just hoping to pay it forward.” – Colleen Canna, Instructor