Meet Your Instructor Monday


‪#‎meetyourinstructormonday‬ Colleen Canna: Colleen has a strong background in design with an equally strong interest in personal well-being. Over the years, she has developed skills in cardivascular training through running, spinning, and flexibility training through her experience teaching and practicing Pilates and Yoga. She chose to become a certified Spin instructor in order to share her passion of riding with others. She firmly believes that no one is ever too old or too out of shape to make healthy life-altering changes. Instructing at Beverly Ride On has been one of the more positive experiences of her life. The collective knowledge and unique approach each instructor brings to the table makes Beverly Ride On second to none. If you are interested in taking a class with Colleen, check out her Wednesday 6:30pm spin, or Wednesday 7:30pm spin fusion (spin intervals with Pilates-based upper body’s and core strength).