Meet Your Instructor Monday


‪#‎meetyourinstructormonday‬ Debbie Furlong: Debbie is a Spinning instructor who will inspire you to reach your personal best, while challenging you to transform your body. Certified through Madd Dog Athletics in 2010, she became passionate after spinning for a several years at Beverly Ride On (BRO). A lifelong resident of Chicago’s Southside, Debbie is a great asset to BRO. She particularly loves the personal attention and the dedication each instructor demonstrates in meeting the individual needs of each participant in each class. Whether you are a beginner, seasoned rider, or somewhere in between, expect a challenging workout, energizing music and a motivating class that will leave you feeling exhilarated. As the mother of three active boys, her goal is to make every person, regardless of their fitness level, age, body type, or experience feel comfortable during class and feel accomplished when they leave. The music in her class is the driving beat to keep the energy in the room up, songs that will give you that extra push whether climbing or sprinting. Her love for all types of music is her driving force for her rides. Her classes are focused around energy and music creating an enthusiastic environment for all riders! When the music, energy, and endurance flows this will help you reach your fitness goals while having a fun and challenging ride! If you are looking to attend one of Debbie’s classes, she teaches on Wednesdays at 4:30pm.