Package Extension Update

Dear Valued Beverly Ride On Customers, 

First of all, we would like to thank you all for your continued support through this difficult time. Many of you kept your monthly recurring packages going through this time and also supported us through personal training sessions and we couldn’t be more appreciative of your efforts to keep Beverly Ride On going. We have done our very best to keep our studio and classes safe for everyone when we finally returned to in-person classes in June and we want to thank all of you for doing your part in keeping yourselves, your fellow riders, and instructors safe. When we reopened in June, we decided to extend all packages to an October 1st expiration date to make up for the 3 months that we had to close the studio. While we understand that many of our customers did not feel comfortable with returning to classes in June and are only now coming back to classes, we are unable to extend packages any further. In the past, we were able to be more lenient with package extensions because we wanted to be flexible in serving our valued riders, but, unfortunately, we cannot make these exceptions anymore. After our renovation last year, we changed our package extension rules and clearly mentioned that we could not extend packages unless there was an extenuating circumstance, such as pregnancy or injury. We will still do our best to work riders who fall into these categories. Although we wish we could continue to extend packages from before the COVID-19 closure, it is not possible. Due to the revenue lost from being closed for 3 months and operating classes at very low capacities we can no longer extend packages if we want to stay open. We truly wish the situation was different, but we have to do what is necessary for Beverly Ride On to stay open.  It has come to our attention that some of our customers do not use their regular email or do not put an email at all in their TULA account, so they do not see these emails. We use email as our primary contact platform, so please make sure that you update your email in TULA to an email where you will see these messages. We will also update our website to reflect this new policy, so there is no confusion. Our mission at Beverly Ride On from the beginning is to offer fun and safe exercise classes for our wonderful community and we are working hard to stay open and continue to provide our classes to you all. Therefore, we have decided to offer smaller Spin class packages, with the same 6 month expiration, for anyone who is still unsure how they feel about returning to the studio or for anyone that knows it will be more difficult for them to attend 10 or 20 classes in 6 months. We will offer a 5 Spins package that will cost $90 and a 15 Spins package that will cost $165. Again, we truly do appreciate your continued support and understanding of the situation. We hope that someday soon we can return to our regular routine at the studio. 


Jenny Moody

Beverly Ride On Owner